Photographer Captures Extremely Rare White Baby Reindeer While Hiking In Norway (6 Pics)

Like something out of a whimsical Christmas tale, an extremely rare white baby reindeer was recently spotted in Oslo, Norway by photographer Mads Nordsveen and the photos are truly enchanting.

Most people can honestly say that they have never seen a white reindeer, rarely in photographs, let alone in person. The photographer Mads Nordsveen, from Oslo Norway, happened across the rare animal while hiking in the mountains looking for a location to shoot travel photographs. He just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to cross paths with the baby white reindeer, which enabled him to capture these wonderful pictures.

White reindeers are considered very rare. In 2016 a white stag was spotted on a road side in Mala, in northern Sweden.

Their unusual appearance is caused by a genetic condition that strips the pigment from their fur, but not albinism.

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According to some Scandinavian traditions, spotting a white reindeer is considered a sign of good luck.

The little reindeer didn’t appear to be shy and posed for photos as it came right up to the camera for its close up.

He told Ladbible: “He came very close to me and we looked at each other straight in the eyes.

“He was quite relaxed and when he saw that I was calm and friendly. It was almost as if he posted for the camera.

The 24-year-old said: “I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this wonderful little creature.”

While the animal was almost completely camouflaged by the wintery background, Nordsveen said it made no attempt to hide and even ‘posed’ for some the pictures.

“He was very curious and fun. Like a little explorer”, Nordsveen said.

Nordsveen said after a few minutes the reindeer’s mother came out from the trees before the baby ran back to her.

He said it was a “fairy tale moment” and he hopes they meet again.

It’s not the first time this photographer and explorer has gotten lucky to meet a rare animal in person. He also got to meet a Lynx and wolves, both also in Northern Norway.

Nordsveen writes about his encounter with the rare lynx:

I’m thinking, it is not in a red listed wild Lynx’ natural instinct to walk up to a human like that, so I would assume this specimen is semi-domesticated, perhaps 2nd or 3rd generation in captivity. In the wild, the lynx is very cautious and evasive, protected by its extreme sense of smell, visual sense, and most important its hearing – thus probably the hardest (or likely impossible) large animal to meet in the Arctic wild (large, up to 34 kg in the northern Nordic taiga). In its natural habitat it is a nocturnal predator, while in captivity they are usually served food during regulated human work hours (daytime). Is the photo shot in the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center enclosures in Salangsdalen valley, Bardu, Norway? A beautiful animal, it is! I just wish they weren’t redlisted.

“Such an unreal experience hanging out with the wolves at @wolflodgenorway in Bardu, Northern Norway”, Nordsveen said of his photo of the wolves.

And lastly, Nordsveen and his landscape.

Image credits: Mads Nordsveen